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Vaughan fabrication services Ltd’s core business focuses on the plant and construction industry projects mainly in the mechanical sector. The aim in the next five years is to diversify into other market sectors and become one of the leading regional suppliers of trained mechanical operatives. The company recognises the importance of safety within the construction/manufacturing industry.
It is the Policy of the the employees
that all works and operations will be carried out within the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974, and all other relevant statutory provisions and Codes of Practice at all times and will seek to achieve higher than regulatory standards.
The Policy reflects the commitment of the employees and those accountable for its implementation to ensure that the health safety and welfare of employees, contractors, suppliers and members of the public is a priority at all times. All reasonably practicable steps will be taken to provide safe and healthy working conditions and prevent injury and ill health.
The overall responsibility for strategic safety issues and policy development is vested with the Board appointed Safety Director.  Safety objectives will be cascaded throughout the business from Director to employees. Adequate and competent resources will be committed and deployed to ensure that health and safety objectives and the process of continual improvement is achieved
I will monitor the effectiveness of the Policy.
The Policy will be kept under constant review and revised annually or when required, to ensure true reflection of the business and current legislative and industry standards
In addition to Employee's duty under Section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work, etc., Act 1974, every employee must strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and to comply fully with the Act and the provisions laid down within this Statement and the Health and Safety Policy.
I will liaise with Employees Safety Representatives, the Health and Safety Executive and all other appropriate authorities and organisations concerning health and safety, as required Education and training of employees, suppliers and stakeholders will be an essential ingredient in establishing and implementing safe systems of work.
The Safety Director recognises that the success of this Policy depends on the combined efforts of all individuals involved.
The policy will be communicated to all employees and be available to external parties.

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